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God of War Origins HD Collection  

Updated 08-12-2011
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God of War Origins HD Collection

I keep hearing really good things about how great the God of War PSP games look remastered in HD for PS3. I was already looking forward to revisiting the franchise, but this latest video and blog on the upgrade process has me even more excited now.

Nathan Phail-Liff, Art Director at Ready At Dawn Studios blogged on how their team had to take 480 x 272 30fps graphics and take them up to 1920 x 1080p at a steady 60 fps on the PS3. He says that his required a custom PS3 engine, coded exclusively for the Origins Collection. The art team also had to bust ass: They had to go through every single character in the game and double or triple polygon counts by hand, as well as bump the resolution 4x on both characters and environments. On top of all of this, they also had to re-render the cutscenes for 1080p and add in 3D support. 

The end result is amazing, though. You get just a taste of what God of War Origins HD Collection will be like in the above video. Beautiful work, guys.

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