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Go Vacation
/ wii


Go Vacation is truly emotional

Oct 14
I think I can hear my soul weeping. 

Review: Go Vacation

Oct 13
A tropical resort paradise overrun by dead-eyed, single-minded creatures that vaguely resemble humans, there shambling movements parodying the utter lifelessness all around them. I am not talking about Techland's Dead Island. This is Go Vacation ... something far scarier.  For if there's one thing more numerous, tougher to kill, and infinitely more deadly than zombies, it's minigames.

E3: Namco's Go Vacation looks oddly compelling

Jun 09
Adam excitedly sent this into our tips line, and I figured he was just being silly. Especially after watching the trailer above, which starts off admittedly rough. But in a Shyamalan twist, things go from Wii Sports Resort-c...

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