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Gal Gun
/ ps3 / xbox360


Gal Gun

GalGun, one of the most bizarre Japanese imports I've ever played, is getting a sequel.

Inti Creates is making a follow-up to its bishoujo rail shooter, which first launched on Xbox 360 in 2011 and came to PlayStation 3 the following year. The experience sees a barrage of lovestruck schoolgirls charge at the player, who will need to incapacitate the ladies at bay by blasting them with powerful pheromones. Yes, seriously.

The announcement was made at Inti Creates Fan Festa 2015, where the studio also announced Azure Strike Gunvolt 2. The new Gal Gun game is expected to release later this year.

『ぎゃるがん』最新作が発表!前作の一年後が舞台で、エンジンはUnreal Engine [Inside Games]

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