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Freedom Planet
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Freedom Planet

I totally missed the Freedom Planet PC train back in 2014. I don't know what I was doing -- it kind of slipped my mind, and I do feel bad about it. Thankfully, a Wii U port set to debut later this year has allowed me to get back into this saddle, most notably due to a brand new demo version that is downloadable today on the eShop.

The biggest influence that Freedom Planet wears on its sleeve is Sonic -- that much is obvious. There's even corkscrews to run through, bars hanging from the ceiling to grab on, and bouncy plungers! It's surprisingly deep though in terms of platforming mechanics, boasting a full combat system with uppercuts, dive kicks, double jumps, and even an air dash that's tied to an energy meter.

The demo was only one level, but it was a lengthy homage to Emerald Hill Zone, with its own style and twists. I particularly liked that the mid-point features a boss that did a cut and run after being defeated, opening up more of the stage. The only major Wii U feature I can see right now is off-screen play, but the GamePad feels perfect as a controller and the port itself feels on-point.

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