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Flower, Sun, and Rain
/ ds / ps2


Flower, Sun, and Rain

So we're a little late with this review of Flower, Sun and Rain, but cut us some slack, interpreting and attempting to understand a Suda51 game takes some time (plus some patience). Since we're a bit late, and it's damn near impossible to find the game despite the fact that it only came out about a month and a half ago we (and by we I mean I) have decided to offer up a critique and not a review.

What is the difference? Mostly semantics, but let's roll with it anyway. A critique delves further into a game than a review does. A review is put out in order to express the quality of the game, a critique is made in order to discuss the game. In that light it's probably best for any of Suda51's games, and possibly especially Flower, Sun and Rain, to be critiqued instead of reviewed for quite often they're more about themes, art, gaming and life than anything else and completely eschew gameplay and story in order to "say something." With this being said hit the jump to not find out if Flower, Sun and Rain is worth your hard earned money and instead learn all about the real meaning behind it. I will also warn you that there are some spoilers plot wise.

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