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Flight Control Rocket  

Updated 03-09-2012
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Flight Control Rocket

Hit Firemint iPhone game Flight Control blasts off into space with a new sequel called Flight Control Rocket. You're still tracing a line with your fingertip to guide craft to runways while working to avoid collisions, but this time you're up in the stars, and you're guiding spaceships to a bigger carrier ship. Different ships give you a variety of landing problems to solve, including rows or ships, or ones that split in two when you touch them. 

In Flight Control Rocket some of the pressure has been reduced with the addition of extra lives, meaning you can take a hit or two without having to start all over. There's also equippable items you can buy with earned coins to tweak difficulty, ship speed or number of lives. 

I spent a bit of time with the Infinity mode, which has you taking on a gradually increasing number of ships to land on the different runways. I held my own, enjoying the pastel visuals an cheesy sci-fi music, but after a few minutes I ran into that frantic, crazed screen poking action that made so many iOS device owners love the original so much. I gave the iPad the finger and vowed to come back.

Look for Flight Control Rocket to hit the App Store later this month. 


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