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Final Fantasy XV
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Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix has released a video for Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae's 2.0 patch, the major update that is hitting the Final Fantasy XV demo next week on June 9. Yes, weird.

As previously noted, it "features camera/targeting fixes, basic dodge rolls and other combat improvements," and an improved framerate. You can also fight those giant pig-nosed dinosaur things.

Director Hajime Tabata also fielded a bunch of questions in the Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report about whether or not things in the demo were representative of the final product (aside from all the explanation about story transition from Versus, including the removal of Stella from the story).

There will be more music during regular wandering and more sound effects in the full game, for example, or the ability to buy or sell items in bulk. "I'm pretty sure it’s normal to be able to do that in games," he affirmed. When asked about underwater battles, he explained how infeasible it would be currently on a technical level, but, "things like that can be introduced later via downloadable content. We're trying to work in Leviathan segment from the E3 2013 trailer."

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