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Final Fantasy XIV
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Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV, to put it lightly, didn't have the smoothest launch ever. In fact, I was able to play a near finished build a few E3s back, and I was utterly surprised that they were going to push it to market -- it was barely playable. No matter how cool the launch trailer was (and it was damn cool), an exorbitant amount of people either never tried it, or got fed up with Square's lack of support for the game.

Well, this week, Patch 1.22 hit, which adds a number of new content packs, as well as a fairly unique addition: subscription incentives.  If you've been actively playing the game for at least 90 days from the point of January 6th, 2012 until now, you'll be able to play the game at a reduced rate of $9.99. You'll also get a free Chocobo and your name will be in the upcoming Version 2.0's credits. If you're inactive, you can come back to the game for free from May 9th to May 20th.

Is that enough for anyone? It sure isn't enough for me. I'm going to be too busy checking out Guild Wars 2 beta events and Tera to bother with FFXIV. Maybe one day down the road they can just remake FFXI -- a truly great MMO.

Patch 1.22 [Square Enix]

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