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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Are you a lapsed Final Fantasy XIV player? Did you try it out, only to find it didn’t quite click with you, or maybe you clocked hundreds of hours and, unfortunately, have been unable to renew your subscription? Well, turns out you’re exactly the sort of person Square Enix is aiming at with its new promotional campaign for the game.

If you have a valid but inactive Final Fantasy XIV account and log into the game this month, you’ll be rewarded with 96 hours of free access to the game. You’ll have full access to all the game has to offer, but there is no mention of the Heavensward expansion so don’t go in expecting to be able to give that a try.

Just to make it clear, the promotion isn’t for 96 hours of play time, but for the amount of time the game will be available to you. When you first log in you will be given four days to play for as much as you like, and then after that your access will be revoked again.

This free access is running until December 31, however players logging in on December 28 or later won’t get the full 96 hours. You can read the full explanation of the event on Lodestone.

Is this enough to drag you back to Eorzea? I might give it another try because I did like what I played, but the terribly confusing in-game maps made exploring a bit of a drag for me.

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