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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Final Fantasy XIV has amassed more than 5 million registered accounts across the globe since Square Enix released the popular MMO two years ago, the publisher announced this week.

That figure doesn't quite rival market leader World of Warcraft's 5.6 million paid subscribers just yet, but the games appear to be headed in opposite directions. Blizzard's breadwinner is clearly on the decline, with total subscriptions having recently dropped to their lowest point since 2005.

[Note: There's a stark difference between active subscriptions and life-to-date registered accounts, similar to "shipped" vs. "sold".]

Final Fantasy XIV, on the other hand, has rebounded nicely since returning as A Realm Reborn. After initially failing to get off the ground in 2010, Square Enix shut down the original version in late 2012 before rebooting the title the following summer for Windows PC and PlayStation 3.

The MMO has since come to PlayStation 4, dropped its first major expansion, Heavensward, and just launched in South Korea last week, where the game has the potential to grow even further.

Square Enix notes that free trials were not included with the figure "5 million registered accounts."

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