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Final Fantasy V
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Final Fantasy V

Which version of Final Fantasy V looks the best? The original? Maybe the Game Boy Advance one? You probably have opinions on the matter, burning hot takes on this, the defining issue of our times.

Anyway, I've put together some power rankings to toy with your emotions:

1. Super Famicom
2. PlayStation
3. Game Boy Advance
4. WonderSwan Color
5.  Android, iOS devices

If your favorite version is last, please close this tab and think strongly about your life choices.

The rest of you guys are alright. Though we may disagree somewhat, I still respect your opinions, especially if you also share the belief that the smartphone version of Final Fantasy V looks like hot garbage and should be fired into the sun, or, at the very least, swept under the rug and forgotten.

Square Enix won't allow us do that, though. The company just released a tweaked version of the mobile game on Steam this past week, exposing a whole new audience to its unsightly sprites and generally inconsistent and loathsome aesthetics. An entire generation of gamers will grow up thinking this is what Final Fantasy V looked like and will question our taste in video games.

Actually, those kids play Minecraft. Where the hell do they get off judging us for liking ugly games?

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