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Far Cry 3
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Ubisoft's unveils 'Far Cry Experience' web series

Gorgeous babes and bad disco dancing
Oct 25
Ubisoft has announced a four-episode web series (set to launch around the same time as Far Cry 3) developed internally called Far Cry Experience that, according to them, is going to be "a big gift to fans." If you'...

Far Cry 3 'tyrant' Hoyt seems like a nice guy

What a gentleman!
Oct 24
Far Cry 3's Hoyt seems like a nice guy, even though some are calling him a tyrant. The name does not fit. In this trailer you'll see that Hoyt's job is to find people and help them get work, and he apparently runs the l...

Far Cry 3 gets a Minecraft twist with this free PC mod

"You got Far Cry 3 in my Minecraft!" 'You got Minecraft in my Far Cry 3!'
Oct 16
I'm not sure about most players, but when I hear people talk about the Far Cry series, what comes to my mind are the scenic locales, the interesting level design and the awkward massacre of zebras. In an unique marketing...

Preview: How cassowaries saved my life in Far Cry 3

Oct 10
The original Far Cry was an incredibly fun experience, with a varied deadly tropical landscape and relatively intelligent A.I. opponents for the time. The gameplay was both challenging and continuously engaging, and made me a...

Get acquainted with the allies of Far Cry 3 in this video

Oct 09
The trailer above details two of your main allies in Far Cry 3. Dennis Richards is a Liberian National who has found a home among the Rakyat tribe that lives on Rook Island. During my own playthrough that will go up tomorrow...

Far Cry 3: The jungle is home to some real nutters

Sep 26
This newest Far Cry 3 trailer shows off two of the jungle's craziest and most savage residents, Vaas and Buck. These chaps look like they'd ruin anyone's holiday in a tropical paradise; well, them and the tigers.  At le...

Far Cry 3 is a great game with a horrible release date

Sep 22
Far Cry 3 is coming out on December 4 and I think that's a horrible time to release a game, especially something as big as a Far Cry title. The worst part is that it's coming after Black Friday here in America, one of the mo...

'Island Surival Guide' video sells me on Far Cry 3

Aug 29
Much of what I've seen from Far Cry 3 has been centered around either lots of people being violently killed, the concept of insanity, or both. Which is fine, though the open-ended locales have always been what pulled me into...

gamescom: Far Cry 3 is a beautiful, violent game

Aug 15
Far Cry 3 is easily one of the prettiest first-person shooters to date. Usually you expect dark, murky visuals, but the team at Ubisoft opted for making a lush, bright world that can easily be filled with the corpses of local...

gamescom: Here's a new Far Cry 3 trailer for you

Aug 15
Man, gamescom sure knows how to drown us in undbridled stuff. Here's a new trailer for Far Cry 3, giving us a deeper look at the characters available in co-op. Those expecting their fix of lush jungles and that weird man talking about insanity will be disappointed. This is pretty dark and gritty compared to the usual vids.  Anyway, check it out if you want. You have that freedom!

Here's what you need to know about Far Cry 3's co-op

Aug 01
Ubisoft has released a little walkthrough detailing all the key points you'll need to know on the four-player co-op mode of Far Cry 3. The co-op is its own story focusing on four characters out for revenge. You'll be able to...

Far Cry 3 release date is even more far now: December 4

Jun 25
Ubisoft has pushed back Far Cry 3 to the very end of this year. Fans in the U.S. will have to wait until December 4 now for its release (Xbox 360, PS3 and PC), while Europe gets their painted nipple action on November 29. Thi...

E3: Far Cry 3 drives me to the brink of sanity/boobs

Jun 06
“Yeah, more of that, then. Cool.” This is me on just about every first-person shooter at E3 2012. It takes effort to discern what separates the new Crysis, Medal of Honor, and Call of Duty from their previous i...

E3: Kill foreigners with friends in Far Cry 3 co-op

Jun 06
Far Cry was never a series I thought I’d want to play in four player co-op, but, then again, there aren’t many games that don’t benefit from it. While I’d hate to see three online chuckleheads ruin the...

E3: Far Cry 3 to feature four-player co-op campaign

Jun 04
With its insane cast of characters, impressive visuals, and increased focus on narrative, Far Cry 3 has been shaping up to be a very impressive sequel for Ubisoft Montreal's first-person shooter franchise. Well...

E3: New Far Cry 3 trailer slips into madness

Jun 04
I'm rather looking forward to Far Cry 3, having enjoyed its predecessors despite their less-than-subtle flaws. If absolutely nothing else, these games offer locales that I always find myself wanting to explore for a little w...

Far Cry 3 'Insane Edition' features bobblehead, DLC

May 23
Ubisoft has today announced an obligatory collector's edition for Far Cry 3. It intends to milk the pre-release popularity of the game's main antagonist, as the centerpiece of the so-called Insane Edition is a crossdressing ...

Far Cry 3 gameplay trailer burning at seams with tropes

May 20
A new video of Far Cry 3 surfaced on GameTrailers yesterday, complete with action-movie white knight antics. Of course, wouldn't you know it, with the building on fire and on the verge of collapse Jason B...

Ubisoft details Far Cry 3 closed beta

May 17
For two weeks this summer, 360 and PS3 users will have the opportunity to play through Far Cry 3's multiplayer beta. Ubisoft has detailed some of what you can expect. Up to 16 players can merrily shoot the crap out of each ot...

Get a tattoo or mohawk from Ubisoft at PAX East

Mar 23
To promote Far Cry 3 at PAX East, Ubisoft is giving fans the opportunity to get a (totally real) tattoo or mohawk. As Hamza would say, this is happening "because videogames!" Suze from The Hourglass Tattoo Parlor will be at t...

Say no to drugs, say yes to Far Cry 3 gameplay footage

Feb 19
We recently received our first good look at Far Cry 3 since E3 with a gripping cinematic that shed some light on the protagonist and his motivations for waging a guerrilla war on a hostile island far from home. But...

Allow this Far Cry 3 trailer to excite your brain

Feb 15
Far Cry 3 has exploded back into the spotlight with an incredible new trailer, one that I think you need to see. No gameplay yet, but it seems like the story is going to be excellent, and whoever is providing the voice for t...

Far Cry 3 gives us the definition of insanity

Aug 21
Following the Far Cry 3 presentation and demo at the Ubisoft booth at gamescom, I got to interview narrative director Jason VandenBerghe, who is without a shadow of a doubt a most amazing man. We don't only ta...

Far Cry 3 screens: Yup, that's a tropical island

Aug 17
In case there was any doubt, at least part of Far Cry 3 will take place on a tropical island. This has been completely confirmed today by a set of screens coming out of gamescom that show off leaves, sand, and water. Yup… that's a tropical island. Far Cry 3 is set for a release in 2012, so prepare for malaria accordingly.

New Destructoid Episode: Deus Ex, Skyrim, and Robin

Jul 06
Hey guys! It's me, Max! Remember me? I'm back from my vacation with another episode of The Destructoid Show for you to rub your noses in. First up, twelve minutes of Batman: Arkham City exists on the internet. On top of th...

Far Cry 3 boasts 'ten times' the scale of Far Cry 2

Jul 05
Far Cry 2 was a pretty big game, full of zebras and guns that jammed every two minutes. Far Cry 3 isn't going to be happy with matching that experience -- it wants to make it even bigger. "If you look at the vistas and the sc...

Interview: Everyone's crazy in Far Cry 3

Jun 16
One of the biggest surprises to come out of E3 this year was that Ubisoft is working on a new Far Cry game! I don't think people really saw it coming but it was a nice to see the return of my favorite animal killing simulato...

E3: Far Cry 3 demo footage with developer commentary

Jun 08
Here is the Far Cry 3 footage that Ubisoft showed earlier at their press conference, but this time with some commentary here and there on what we're looking at. There's a lot of different types of action going on, with the a...

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