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Fallout 4
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This champion recreated the One-Punch Man anime in Fallout 4

Go go Saitama
Nov 27
Similar to Kill la Kill and other animes throughout the years, One-Punch Man has been making the rounds on the Internet in the past few months due to its absurd premise and high-octane fight scenes. In essence, the...

What is your favorite Bethesda era Fallout game?

New Vegas, baby
Nov 27
Barring the amazing original PC series, I want to know what people think of the newer takes on the Fallout franchise. I've seen so many conversations regarding Bethesda's reign, and although there's lots of love for Fallout 4...

Make Fallout 4's Mysterious Stranger noise your ringtone

Or text alert, I'm not your Dad
Nov 24
Fallout's Mysterious Stranger is a fan favorite character in recent years, and for good reason -- he's a badass that lives on the edge. Now you can download a ringtone to relive that "hnngh"-inducing noise, by way of Android ...

You can nab the first Fallout 4 update on Steam

I thought you'd be bigger
Nov 23
Bethesda has released a beta version of the first Fallout 4 update on PC, and if you were expecting a bunch of sweeping changes and bug fixes, well, give it some time. New Features Number pad keys can now be used for remappi...

Bethesda: Fallout 4 console commands 'not supported or recommended' on PC

'Can very easily mess up save files'
Nov 23
In a very Bethesda-like fashion, messing around with console commands on the PC version of Fallout 4 might completely bug out your game more than it's already bugged out to begin with. Warning folks not to use the system...

What hellish humans have you crafted with Fallout 4's character creator

Haha, these are amazing
Nov 23
Haha, man, I can't get over how good some of these Fallout 4 character creation templates are. Beavis and Butthead is probably my absolute favorite, but I've seen so many great garish creations over the past few weeks. A...

Fallout 4 Script Extender has arrived, and with it the ability to make bigger mods for the game

Early initial release, but give it time
Nov 23
Bethesda games are known for being modding playgrounds, and Fallout 4 is no exception. It’s only been out for about two weeks, but there’s already plenty of worthwhile mods floating around. Sevral mods for Skyrim,...

Cut Fallout 4 weapon resurrected by modder

Harpoons thrust into the sky
Nov 20
From the murky brine of cut content and dummied out items, modder xxdeathknight72xx has returned to the surface with a most intriguing treasure. A curious harpoon gun that never made it into the game proper. The harpoon gun ...

There's a Fallout 4 patch hitting PC next week

Console patch on the way later
Nov 20
It's no secret that Fallout 4 is pretty damn buggy. Bethesda open world RPGs are not known for technical polish, and the development team knows that well. Thankfully, the first patch for the game will be rolling out next week...

How to make sure you're extra super dead in Fallout 4

That's gotta hurt (locker)
Nov 19
What do you call a man with no arms and no legs floating in a lake? Bob! What do you call a man with no arms and no legs outside a door? Matt! What do you call a man with no arms and no legs flying across a post-apocalyptic wasteland? I...I don't have a dad joke for that one.

20 hours went into making this animated tower in Fallout 4

NSFW unless you work at a porn store
Nov 18
In the classiest video to ever feature Phil Collins' music, the aptly named Saucy Sausage shows us the massive tower they've built filled with an animated display the likes of which has never been seen in the wasteland. The ...

The dialogue in Fallout 4 is so much better as farts

I can't stop laughing at this
Nov 18
Some evil genius decided to completely redo all the voice dialogue in Fallout 4, only instead of words he uses fart sounds. Bethesda spent years writing and recording this dialogue, while this person made it better in just ov...

Who is your favorite Fallout 4 companion?

You have 13 choices
Nov 18
Fallout 4 has been out for long enough, so the time has come to start discussing the finer points of the game. I hope you've consulted Jordan's companions guide, and have located all 13 characters to accompany on your tr...

Fallout 4 mod lets you see full sentence dialogue prompts

No more accidental choices
Nov 18
Fallout 4's streamlined dialogue options have been a divisive subject among players. Some love the more minimal interface, while others like myself wish we had a clearer idea of what exactly we were about to say. Thankfully, ...

Turn your baby into a bomb in Fallout 4

Well, all of your babies
Nov 17
As someone who just wants his kids back, I associate with the plight of Fallout 4's player character. As someone who doesn't want to work too hard at it, I admire the ingenuity of Fallout 4 modder Trainwiz and their Atom Bom...

We need to dirty that Pip-Boy up a little bit

As carefully as possible, of course
Nov 17
Anyone who got their hands on the wrist-encapsulating replica Pip-Boy with their copy of Fallout 4 might feel a dissonance between the dirty, grimy in-game world and the shiny coat of paint on the device. For a place wh...

Fallout 4 has the smallest Alien Easter egg

And it's not an Alien
Nov 17
First, let me clear something up that also confused the shit out of me. Prometheus 2 is no longer called Alien: Paradise Lost, but instead Alien: Covenant and is coming in 2017 (as the second chapter in a prequel trilogy). Me...

Fallout 4 has a room with all the weapons and items, and it's easy to find

Nov 16
Fallout 4's the type of game that's dripping with secrets for the community to discover. Its open world holds so much potential to hide things from players, knowing that they'll inevitably find them. One such room has been f...

Fallout 4 modder unleashes every legendary enemy at once

Battle Royale
Nov 16
Mods can elevate a game to make it better than the developer originally intended, or unleash some good old fashioned silly fun out into the world. This mod for Fallout 4 is the latter, as YouTuber Cosmic Contrarian basic...

Yes, the first game breaking Fallout 4 bug has been found

Be careful where you travel
Nov 16
It was only a matter of time, but the first repeatable game breaking bug has been found in Fallout 4. We all knew this was coming. The bug, which crashes to desktop on PC, is triggered as part of a settlement quest where play...

Fallout 4 has the third biggest UK launch of the year

Also the biggest ever Fallout launch
Nov 16
You might not have noticed, but Fallout 4 released last week. I know, I know, it was kind of snuck out and didn’t get much fanfare, so I totally won’t blame you if you somehow managed to miss it. However, you migh...

Major League Baseball is coming after a Big Papi Fallout 4 mod

Wicked uncool
Nov 13
Fallout 4 takes place in Boston, the home of Major League Baseball team the Red Sawwwx. In fact, the club's stadium, Fenway Park, serves a large role as one of the bigger settlements and markets in the game. One NPC eve...

Bethesda shipped a whole lot of copies of Fallout 4

Some records fell, too
Nov 13
There was never any doubt that Fallout 4 would sell well, but we never had any numbers from Bethesda to gauge its expectations. The publisher just announced how many units it shipped for the game's launch; judging by tho...

Almost no one knows how to get one of Fallout 4's Trophies

Maybe you can help?
Nov 12
There are a lot of people playing Fallout 4 right now. On launch day, there were more than 400,000 playing concurrently, which set a Steam record. This tracker estimated 1.2 million PC sales and that's probably a worst-c...

This nasty Fallout 4 bug can net you a ton of bottlecaps

Will likely be fixed soon
Nov 12
In my review for Fallout 4, I mentioned that since the game was so buggy, that players would likely uncover a ton of additional glitches after launch on their own, and it looks like that has definitely been the case. The IGN ...

Steam analyst claims 1.2 million people owned Fallout 4 at launch

No info on actual launch sales
Nov 11
Sergey Galyonkin, the man behind Steam analytics site SteamSpy, recently published some initial thoughts on Fallout 4's PC launch via Twitter. Galyonkin acknowledged the unreliability inherent to the way the site pulls in dat...

Here are all the names Fallout 4's Codsworth can say

Vikki/Vicky is not one of them :(
Nov 11
Wondering if your name is amongst the hundreds Fallout 4's Codsworth can say? You're not the only one, apparently. Some clever datamining soul on reddit has put together a list of the 1000 names Codsworth can accurately say. You can browse the list right here (if time is your enemy, you might wanna Crtl/Cmd + F).

That free Fallout 3 with Fallout 4 offer expires in February 2016

Don't hold out for Fallout freebie
Nov 11
If you've picked up Fallout 4 on the Xbox One specifically so that you'll also be able to play Fallout 3, don't leave it too long to redeem your code - the offer expires in February 2016. GameSpot spotted the deadline on the Xbox Live store, which also confirms that you'll need to have bought Fallout 4 on Xbox One by February 6, 2016 to qualify for the freebie.

Fallout 4 already shattered one Steam record*

Mind the asterisk
Nov 10
Less than 24 hours after release, Fallout 4 holds one of Steam's most coveted records. Well, kind of. It holds that record if you don't count other games that constantly beat out Fallout 4 and every other game....

Where to find companions in Fallout 4

Meet your new BFF
Nov 10
Seeking a friend for the end of the world? Good idea. The Commonwealth is a nasty place. Even if you can handle super mutants and deathclaws, it's best to bring a buddy along if for no other reason than to have someone help h...

Very Quick Tips: Fallout 4

Boston cream tips
Nov 10
Fallout 4, like its predecessors, is a lot to take in from start to finish. The open world and leveling mechanics can seem daunting, as any wrong move can leave you without proper equipment to take on particular tasks. Here's some tips to help you along the way.

Conan takes on Fallout 4 in newest episode of Clueless Gamer

Here's a funny bit and a meh opening
Nov 09
While it looks like Conan O'Brien won't be riffing on the sequel to Tomb Raider this year, we're getting a Fallout 4-centric episode instead. The opening (above) is basically a glorified commercial with a few jokes built in, but the actual Clueless Gamer segment is worth watching. Light spoilers are present, as a warning!

You can be polyamorous and bisexual in Fallout 4

Pound it with whomever you like
Nov 09
Former Destructoid reviews editor Jim Sterling revealed in his latest Jimquisition that players can be not only bisexual but also polyamorous in Fallout 4. That's right, you can love and sleep with multiple characters w...

Video Review: Fallout 4

Just in case you hate reading
Nov 09
Looks like it's about that time again, Chris the Miracle Worker has managed to review a relatively little known game called Fallout 4. That said, who the hell reads reviews nowadays? So much time and reading text and you hav...

Podtoid 311: The Fallout 4 S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

So, bongo, bongo, bongo...
Nov 09
Subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or download it here. Fallout 4 comes out tomorrow, so the Podtoid crew assembled a crack team of Fallout 4 veterans to have an in-depth chat about their experiences with the most-anticipated release of the year.

Here's every perk in Fallout 4, in video form

You're S.P.E.C.I.A.L.
Nov 09
Number crunching is a standard pastime for RPG fans, especially for those of you who can't play games at work, and avidly theorycraft the day away until you can get home to the latest adventure. Fallout 4, like past entries,...

Watch the first 30 minutes of Fallout 4

Beginning spoilers, obviously
Nov 09
As is the case with nearly any RPG, it's best to go into Fallout 4 blind. But if you're undecided, or aren't picking up the game until the inevitable GOTY edition, here's the first 30 minutes of the game for your perusal. It covers the entire intro, before your character is allowed to explore the new open world.

Review: Fallout 4

Like war, Fallout games never change
Nov 09
My first introduction to the Fallout series was in 1997, with Interplay's wonderfully open and unique strategy RPG titles. So when Fallout 3 first dropped from Bethesda years later, I was taken aback by a lot of the concessio...

Here's a doctor's note so you can play Fallout 4

Get well soon, everyone
Nov 08
In case you'd prefer to stay home this week and play Fallout 4 rather than go into work, Bethesda marketing boss and respected medical doctor Pete Hines has whipped up a sick note to help you play hooky. Just be ready to field some questions around the office about your ailing pancreas.

Buy a PlayStation 4, get free Fallout 4 at Best Buy

Pretty good deal
Nov 08
No Fallout 4 bundle for PlayStation 4? No problem, says Best Buy. If you're awake at this ungodly hour (because you're waiting for this week's episode of One Punch Man) - then you've won the just-in-time lottery. Best Buy is ...

Cheaper Steam copies of Fallout 4 & Black Ops III in Weekend Deals

Open for business soon
Nov 07
Another Saturday, another round up of usual gaming deals with nothing exciting-- holy shit Fallout 4 comes out next Tuesday. Holy shit I better prepare my goodbyes to the wife, daughter, gardener, guy down the street that wor...

Get quickly caught up on Fallout's entire backstory

There's a lot to take in
Nov 06
Fallout games are convenient in that each of the stories are independent of one another. That is to say, you don't need to have played Fallout 3 to understand and enjoy Fallout 4. However, there is quite a lot of b...

Fallout 4's soundtrack just hit iTunes today

$15.99, 65 tracks
Nov 06
Say what you will about the buggy Fallout games, but the music is pretty fantastic. Today, the soundtrack for Fallout 4 just hit iTunes, where it will run you $15.99 for 65 tracks. It's composed by Inon Zur (who app...

Fallout 4 pre-load imminent as Green Man Gaming sends out keys

Better get to downloading
Nov 06
This morning select PC gamers got an extra treat in their email inbox, and it's none other than next week's Fallout 4 Steam key. Digital retailer Green Man Gaming is now sending out Fallout 4 keys to its customers so the...

Here are some Bethesda-approved Fallout 4 cocktails

Wasteland Bar Rescue
Nov 06
A few hours ago, I left the site of Bethesda's Fallout 4 launch party with a temporary case of tinnitus (thanks, Calvin Harris!) and a belly full of Nuka Cola Quantum & In-n-Out burgers. It was a rad time, especially...

GAME is cancelling a bunch of Pip-Boy Edition Fallout 4 orders

Lengthy holds to secure orders
Nov 06
Oh no, this is not good news at all. According to multiple reports coming in from Destructoid readers in the UK, GAME has emailed a whole lot of people who preordered the £99.99 edition of Fallout 4 that comes with a ph...

Pre-ordered Fallout 4 on Xbox One? Better check your installed files

Placeholder file flares up again
Nov 06
If you pre-ordered Fallout 4 on Xbox One before October 27, 2015, and don't have your console set to Instant On, check your files -- you may have a placeholder file downloaded instead of the actual game. "If you’ve digi...

Fallout 4 is nearly here, have a launch trailer

Spoilers abound!
Nov 05
Bethesda has released a new, and presumably final launch trailer for Fallout 4, which is set to launch next week on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. This is the most spoiler-heavy trailer yet, giving you an idea of all of the major factions and locations in the game. If you want to go in blind, don't watch it! Expect a ton of coverage near launch, including footage and a tips guide.

You can download the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy app now

Plays a little game, too
Nov 05
Calling all folks who bought that Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition what looks like you got a giant novelty gag dog poo on your wrist: Bethesda's Pip-Boy app is live on the App Store and Google Play. Certainly you'll feel alive, too,...

Destiny inspired Fallout 4's gunplay

Fallout 3's shooting system was 'meh'
Nov 05
Bethesda looked to Bungie's sci-fi shooter Destiny when it was designing Fallout 4's gunplay. In an interview with Game Informer (via GameSpot), the development team looked to Destiny not just because of its gameplay reputati...

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