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Fallout 3
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Fallout 3

Fallout 3: a huge, sprawling game that will eat hundreds of hours of your time… unless you’re speedrunner Rydou, in which case it’s only about 15 minutes long.

Rydou has broken the world record for an Any% (anything goes, barring mods and console commands) run of the main quest in Fallout 3. Using glitches in the limb damage system, and plenty of clipping through walls thanks to a small bug in quicksaving and quickloading, Rydou managed to speed through the wasteland in 14:54.

The exciting thing is that even though Rydou beat the previous world record by six seconds (15:00 by Petite_Miku), they still identified areas where they lost quite a bit of time. Perfecting the run could shave off quite a few extra seconds!

Oh, and if you’re curious like I was, the world record for completing every quest in vanilla Fallout 3 is 2:01:20 by Progamingwithed.

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