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Fallout 3
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Fallout 3

GMG's Summer Sale turns day nine and with it comes a batch of post-apocalyptic games. Because if there's one thing human like to do -- it's make believe everything has gone to poo. Fallout 3 GOTY turns $5.44 while New Vegas is $2 (though strangely Ultimate Edition is not on sale).

The special deal to watch for are Metro Redux titles at $5 a piece, or both games for $8. This makes it historic low price based on robot-san's price history. We recommend paying the extra $3 to get both games.

Other top deals includes a Lenovo Y40 gaming laptop for only $599 after coupon. Sure its not going to run Crysis 6 at 8K, 60fps - but the Broadwell based Core i5 and mid-range-ish Radeon R9 M275 will run most new games at medium settings - and that's not so bad for a $600 laptop.

Finally our pal at Gamefly has a bunch of used PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games on sale. We listed about 22 titles below. Shipping is free and Gamefly used copies are generally of good working order (in fact we've gotten like new copies before, though thats of course not a guaranteed).

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