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After all this time stuck in adverts for Vault-Tec, Vault Boy needs a little love too. The Fallout mascot has turned to matchmaking app Tinder to look for companionship. It's so awkward when you come across the profile of someone you know, but maybe you want to swipe right anyway.

As discovered by a Kotaku reader, Bethesda is using Tinder to market its hit mobile title Fallout Shelter. Vault Boy is 25, likes to explore the Wasteland and collect bottlecaps, and wants to "build a better future together...underground!" Say what you will about it -- at least it's not the same trite profile everyone else has.

In case you have it in your mind that this is a gag of sorts, it's not. Bethesda has been promoting the campaign on the game's official Twitter with the hashtags #DateADweller and #SwipeRight. Also, clicking on Vault Boy's profile brings you to a link to download Fallout Shelter.

All in all, it's not a bad initiative for Bethesda to piggyback on a mobile app to promote another for free. It might not be exactly what Tinder users are geared up for when they get to swipin'. They're looking for a different kind of (lunch)box.

Bethesda Is Advertising Fallout On Tinder [Kotaku]

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