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FTL: Faster Than Light  

Reviewed: 9/10: Superb
( pc version reviewed )

Updated 12-04-2014
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FTL: Faster Than Light

Can you believe the Game Music Bundle is on number eight? We haven't covered every single iteration of it, though the last one got some shameless self promotion here on Destructoid. That said, this one deserves special mention if only because it includes my favorite album of 2012 as one of the $1 tier unlocks. I have written about it before. Bignic's Zombies (now known as Corporate Lifestyle Simulator because Zombies is a terrible name that is impossible to search for) is well worth more than a buck on its own, and every single one of you should at least put up enough to get the low tier.

There are some other big names on here too. The Monsters Ate my Birthday Cake soundtrack by Disasterpiece (FEZ) is another album in the $1 tier, and those who bump up to the $10 tier will get Ben Prunty's FTL: Advanced Edition soundtrack, Lifeformed: Immerse by Lifeformed (Dustforce), the Wanderlust Adventures soundtrack by Chris Christodoulou (Risk of Rain), and a bunch of others. The full list can be found below or on the Game Music Bundle site.

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