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Updated 01-29-2015
Xbox One
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Sometimes I am in the mood for good competitive multiplayer action, and thus far Evolve has looked like it will be up to that task. Other times, I'd rather not deal with other people, and that's okay with Turtle Rock's multiplayer-focused shooter. It turns out it has an offline mode that looks good. Who knew? (Maybe you did; I haven't been following that closely.)

The bigger draw for most players is that achievements and unlocks will be consistent across single player and multiplayer modes, so a newly unlocked (or purchased) monster can be taken for a ride against a group of bots before going out into the "real world," as the commentators in the video above describe.

The video is a long one at 22 minutes, but it shows off the Defend mode from both sides. One man plays as the Wraith against a team of four bots, then switches sides and plays as the entire Hunter team against the monster. One neat thing is the ability to switch between Hunters on the fly. The player in the video takes full advantage of this, setting traps with support characters, switching to assault to deal damage, then switching to medic to heal up. In some ways, it almost seems like it would be more difficult to handle the Hunter team all alone rather than to serve as one role in a group of humans.

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