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Energy Hook
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Energy Hook

I love grappling hooks. I don’t need a roof over my head, or a warm meal, or a loving boyfriend with whom I feel I can tell anything; all I need in life to be happy is a sick-as-fuck grappling hook, a big city, and a deathwish.

Finally I can live out my perfect life, as Energy Hook is coming to Steam Early Access in August 13. It’s developed by Happion Labs developer Jamie Fristrom, who you may know as being the guy behind swinging mechanic in Spider-Man 2. If there’s anyone I can trust to make a game all about swinging, it’s him.

Energy Hook is essentially a Tony Hawk game where you play as Spidey. Getting high scores and completing challenges in large, open maps with that all important grappling, I played it while it was in pre-alpha and had a lot of fun with it.

It's looking pretty good. Might be what drags me away from the Attack on Titan Fangame's grappling at long last.

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