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Endless Space
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Review: Endless Space

Jul 13
I'm not a bad man. Sure, I might rule over billions of miserable souls with an iron fist. I confess that my greatest dream is to conquer and enslave the entire galaxy. I admit that when asked who my greatest heroes are, I lis...

Celebrate 4X games with Endless Space on July 4

Jun 26
4X strategy game Endless Space will see a digital release for PC on July 4, Iceberg Interactive announced today. Spending the entire day exploring, expanding, exploiting, and exterminating in the far reaches of space is certa...

Endless Space renews 4X on PC with community involvement

May 05
Endless Space appeared as a pre-order item on Steam's front page the other day, and having "space" in the title means I immediately click on it. From the looks of it, it should appear familiar enough to fans of 4X space stra...

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