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Elite: Dangerous  

Updated 02-06-2015
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Elite: Dangerous

Elite: Dangerous continues to mature with the latest 1.1 BETA update. The addition of Community Goals adds missions for groups of players to work towards, like destroying x amount of enemies, or hauling a certain cargo to a destination. The success or failure of these goals will be felt in-universe as factions gain or lose strength accordingly.

  • Community Goals added Route planning extended to 1,000 ly 
  • Russian language translations added 
  • Add 'Discovered by' tag to system map - needs to be surfaced scanned 
  • Fancy new gas giant shader 
  • City lights on inhabited planets 
  • Pilots Federation rank decals 
  • Parallax shader for cloud layer on terrestrial planets 
  • Add explored system details on the right hand side of the cartographics shop 
  • Top benefactors support added to system map

Elite: Dangerous is still very much a work in progress. However, Frontier Developments keeps expanding it towards their goal of a 1:1, living, breathing version of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Elite: Dangerous is available now for $59.99.

Elite Dangerous 1.1 adds Community Goals and enhancements [Eurogamer]

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