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Eight Days
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Eight Days

The last time we really saw anything of SCE London's Eight Days was in 2006 with a trailer. Last week heard really heard about it, the game was "on hold," potentially even canned completely.

Whether or not we'll ever see the game in a final shipped state is unknown, but some leaked footage at least gives us an idea of what we could have expected. Alleged pre-production footage of the game has appeared on YouTube, and shows off a third-person shooter that relies heavily on cover and said cover getting blown to bits.

It looks okay, if not a bit generic. But as a fan of third-person action, I wouldn't mind playing something like Eight Days on my PlayStation 3. Maybe something in the jungle, or say, a desert. With a handsome, witty treasure hunter or something. One can dream.

Rumour: PS3 exclusive Eight Days gameplay footage leaked [VG247]

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