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EVE Online  

Updated 01-05-2015
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EVE Online

You know what seems like a sound strategy for getting robbed? Try taking $1,500 cash out of the bank and transporting it elsewhere by walking down the street at night and waving that money in everyone's faces. Oh yeah, do all that while completely unprotected.

It may not be perfectly analogous, but that's essentially what happened to an EVE Online player recently. Pilot Ozuwara Ozuwara outfitted his Ibis (a ship given to new players) with $1,500 worth of PLEX and set off on an ill-fated voyage. Before even leaving high-security space, a fellow pilot annihilated his ship and destroyed all the precious cargo.

To comprehend the ramifications of this, it's essential to understand PLEX. It's not as if PLEX were some ambiguous commodity arbitrarily valued by EVE's players. No, its sole use is as a license extension to play more EVE Online, and it can only be initially acquired by plunking down cash.

It's not necessarily on par with the battles where Titans valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost, but it's not inconsequential either. It's further proof that some pilots just want to watch the world burn.

EVE Online player loses ship with $1,500 of PLEX inside; not a single PLEX survives [PC Games N via Polygon]

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