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Dying Light  

Reviewed: 7/10: Good
( pc version reviewed )

Updated 02-11-2015
Xbox One
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Dying Light

If you're finding Dying Light to be a bit too much on the easy side, then Techland has heard your zombie screams and announced that they plan on releasing a free content update that will add Hard Mode.

We weren't given an exact release date yet -- just that it will be released "around the start of March" or possibly sooner. In the added mode, the following changes will be made:

  • Ramped up nighttime difficulty 
  • Deadlier and more vicious foes
  • Increased need for stealth and silence
  • Scarce resources and supplies 
  • Other additions

Techland said they plan on releasing more free content updates in the coming months, but have yet to give more details on just exactly what they will be.

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