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Dying Light
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Dying Light

Techland is doing its damnedest to take the piss out of Destiny. You know, that "wow, this is really yellow, actually it's almost orange; this cannot be good for my kidneys" piss. It's running a similar drink-based promotion, and this one's designed to help you skirt renal failure.

On the heels of the reveal of Destiny's Red Bull DLC, Techland's announced a Dying Light marketing stunt that's considerably more health-conscious. Take a picture of yourself drinking a glass of water, tweet it with the hashtag "#DrinkRightDyingLight," and get a code for a new top-tier weapon.

Assuming you're in a part of the world with readily-available water, this boils down to free content. That's sure to go over a lot better than overpriced energy drinks tacked onto overpriced DLC.

@DyingLightGame [Twitter]

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