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Dying Light  

Reviewed: 7/10: Good
( pc version reviewed )

Updated 03-11-2015
Xbox One
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Dying Light

When it comes to zombie outbreaks, it'd be foolish to go looking for a challenge. The easier you have it, the better. Why make a mockery of fate and scream "Come at me, bro?"

It may be ill-advised, but Techland's giving those very fools a quicker trip to the great beyond with a new hard mode for Dying Light. The jump in difficulty comes as part of a free patch which also includes gameplay tweaks, and new outfits and weapons.

This addition is just one example of Techland's dedication to continue supporting and evolving Dying Light through regular updates. Other features that have been teased are dune buggies to run over zombies, a bow and arrow, and a time trial mode -- the former two might help greatly when dealing with this patch's spike in difficulty.

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