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Reviewed: 7.5/10: Good
( ps4 version reviewed )

Updated 11-21-2014
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We're rapidly approaching the two-month anniversary of Evolution Studios' Driveclub's release. What makes this significant is that the multiplayer component of the game doesn't consistently work. Two. Months. Later. We won't get into the PS Plus version that's been indefinitely backburnered.

But, that didn't stop the developers from announcing free DLC, a peace offering of sorts for the continued server issues. Next week, a set of cars called the Ignition (Remix) Expansion Pack comes out, and it'll be free to all Driveclub owners despite being a "premium" add-on.

Those who purchased a season pass will take solace in knowing that they aren't being cheated (moreso than they already have been), because an extra piece of DLC will release in July 2015 so that they get the amount of content they paid for. Maybe by then Driveclub will actually work.

#DRIVECLUB - Ignition Expansion Pack Preview [Facebook]

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