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Dragon Quest VII
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Dragon Quest VII

[Update: Square Enix declined to comment when asked about Horii's remarks.]

Word out of Japan Expo in Paris this weekend is that Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii is running around telling folks that Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest VIII localizations are in the works.

While both titles have previously been released in western territories, Square Enix has remained tight-lipped regarding whether the recent Nintendo 3DS remakes would ever leave Japan.

After publishing an interview with Horii earlier in the day, French fan site Final Fantasy Ring now reports Horii intimated the 3DS versions of both titles would be released "in French."

This information is backed up by Twitter user Jeremie Kermarrec, who followed up with Square Enix representatives and was told the announcement "wasn't planned."

Others watching the presentation support that story. Red Makuzawa, an editor at Nova Crystallis, notes Horii did indeed mention localizations and "the translator got upset when he did."

The 3DS port of Dragon Quest VIII is slated to launch in Japan this August.

We've reached out to Square Enix for comment and will provide updates as they become available.

Final Fantasy Ring [Twitter, Jeremie KermarrecRed Makuzawa via NeoGAF]

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