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Dragon Age III: Inquisition
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Dragon Age III: Inquisition

For a limited time only, you can play Dragon Age: Inquisition for free on PC.

The free sample comes courtesy of EA's digital platform, Origin, and enables you to access up to six hours of the main campaign story, and a seemingly unlimited sample of Inquisition's multiplayer. 

Although the offer is for a limited time only, EA has yet to specify how long it's available for - so if you're interested, don't dawdle, dude. 

On our review, we said that Dragon Age: Inquisition "not only feels like a fully-fledged role-playing adventure, but it's also packed with fun things to do that will keep you busy for weeks.

"Having played well over 100 hours, I'm still finding things to do, working on my multiplayer characters, and plotting another playthrough to handle things a bit differently. Inquisition is a triumph and proves that despite some missteps along the way, BioWare hasn't lost its touch."

You can now play hours of Dragon Age: Inquisition for free on PC [Eurogamer]

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