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[Update: watch the trailer here!]

Bethesda showed off its first footage for the new Doom today at its inaugural E3 conference in Los Angeles. Executive Producer Marty Stratton took the stage, stating that Doom is based on three principles -- "badass demons, big 'effing' guns, and moving really, really fast."

Based on the new footage we are seeing new mechanics like enemies dropping lots of pickups (such as ammo), a huge focus on brutal melee kills (including stomps), and a slowdown for weapon switching. The shotgun is confirmed, as is a plasma gun, and the good old fashioned chainsaw. Of course, multiplayer is also in, because it's a modern shooter. It looks pretty fast-paced, and you can also play as a demon with a jetpack.

A Far Cry 4-esque "build-a-mode" is a go, showing experiences like horde-mode or "classic" four-player deathmatches. It's called Doom Snapmap, and you can build creations to share and play -- it looks like a combination of an old school map editor and new FPS advancements.

Doom will launch on Xbox One, PS4, and PC in spring 2016.

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