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Devil Survivor 2
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Devil Survivor 2

I get a bit of a 'too soon' vibe when watching the above newly released trailer for upcoming Atlus RPG Devil Survivor 2. It shows Japan ripped apart and looks like...well, a natural disaster. I'll let it slide this time because the game looks good. I loved the first Devil Survivor and I'm glad to see that the franchise will continue. I'm also glad to see that a lot of work went into the story and the presentation. Again, this looks goooood.

This story trailer will show you some of the setting, character and enemy art. They've outdone themselves for a portable SRPG. There's another new trailer (after the jump) that shows off gameplay concepts. It's in Japanese, so you may be a bit lost, but at least it gives you a good look at what the battles will look like. 

I'm so ready to play this game! Japan will see its release in late July on the DS. We have a bit of a wait here in the US.

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