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Devil May Cry 10th Anniversary Collection
/ ps3


Devil May Cry 10th Anniversary Collection

The rumored Devil May Cry HD collection didn't pan out at E3 as many had expected. But that's not stopping Spanish retailer XtraLife from listing it in its online shop. 

The game, Devil May Cry 10th Anniversary Collection for PlayStation 3, appeared with a November 30 release date. The collection is said to feature Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 2, and Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening. Box art for the collection also made an appearance, lending to the title's legitimacy, before being yanked offline. 

With Capcom's and Ninja Theory's Devil May Cry: DmC in the works, an HD collection of the older titles seems like a given. That's how this stuff works: publishers release HD collections to not only generate interest, but also to ride on the hype of the upcoming titles. 

Since HD collections of this type seem relegated to the PlayStation 3 (likely due to the capacity of its Blu-ray format), Xbox 360 owners may be out of luck on this one. 

Are you interested in getting your Devil May Cry on with visuals remastered for high definition? 

Spanish Retailer Lists Devil May Cry HD Collection With Box Art [Siliconera]


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