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Devil's Third
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Devil's Third

I say "Dead or Alive's Itagaki" because perhaps you forgot about the brash Team Ninja head. You wouldn't be at fault. Since leaving Team Ninja in 2008 all he's managed to put out is Devil's Third, an incredibly poorly received Wii U game that Itagaki has defended by blaming people for not playing it correctly or well enough.

But Itagaki is currently in the news because his Devil's Third development studio Valhalla Game Studios treads too closely to movie studio Valhalla Motion Pictures, the latter claims. The film company currently produces The Walking Dead and has been around nearly three times as long as the Devil's Third developer.

The trial is Friday, November 13 at at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles and is totally open to the public for $105 per ticket. "Continental breakfast and lunch will be provided."

The Trademark Trial & Appeal Board (TTAB) Comes to Los Angeles [LAIPLA via NeoGAF]

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