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Destiny of Spirits
/ PSVita


Destiny of Spirits

Sony's gotta-catch-'em-all Vita card game Destiny of Spirits will be shut down June 30. Apparently the "over one million downloads" were not enough to sustain the free-to-play Vita title and so Sony will be "ending service."

Destiny of Spirits just released last March. After June 30, you will not be able to access the game, or any of the in-game currency you might've purchased. That, too, will vanish, though Sony will still be selling the in-game currency until June 30 in the Americas and until the end of April in Europe and Asia.

The Vita RPG seems to have lasted just as long as the servers for Sony's MLB 14 The Show, which appear to be going offline on June 18, two and a half months after this year's MLB 15 The Show's release.

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