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( ps4 version reviewed )

Updated 03-27-2015
Xbox One
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Bungie has detailed what we can expect from an upcoming April update for Destiny, and it's mostly slanted towards extra vault space. Now instead of 20 spots for armor, weapons, and general items all around, that number will increase to 24, 36, and 24 respectively. It'll also gain the ability to utilize the PS4's new suspend/resume feature.

The biggest takeaway from all of this is that the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are already starting to show their age. Based on the update, the previous generation versions will actually lose a feature, in that you no longer can compare items while in the vault. The issue is due to memory constraints, and that seems to be the real reason why Bungie was hesitant to up bank space for so long -- it needed to optimize for the 360 and PS3.

If so, that's going to be an even bigger issue as time goes on and Destiny gets more complicated.

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