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Reviewed: 6.5/10: Alright
( ps4 version reviewed )

Updated 03-13-2015
Xbox One
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Bungie is ready to share a bit more of what it has in store for patch 1.1.2 and beyond, and as incremental as this game slowly updates over time, they all sound like good changes. Vault space is always mentioned every so often but it's more in earnest this time, in addition to raid fixes for Atheon and Crota that are still happening, and minor fixes for Strikes to maybe better the flow of the less popular ones.

The big change that I'm happy about is the acknowledgement of audio and visual options. Anyone who plays the game knows how maddening it is to not be able to turn down the music or sound effects, as they often make it impossible to hear other players, especially with in-game chat on. All of these aren't necessarily planned for the next update, but the fact that they seem to be a priority is good.

Sadly, the update mentions that patch 1.1.2 is still "weeks away," which means that the House of Wolves expansion is probably months away still. Funnily enough Bungie seems to close comments more often than not in its weekly updates these days, which are full of players who no longer play due to the barren wasteland of content.

Bungie Weekly Update - 03/12/2015 []

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