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When Destiny fans made their views on the pricing - and content thereof - of The Taken King's Collector's Edition painfully clear, Bungie didn't say much.

According to the latest Bungie update, however, the reason for their initial silence was because "these things take time," and "in moments like these, actions speak louder than words."

"This week at Bungie, we’re working hard to fix what’s wrong with the Collector’s Editions for The Taken King," writes Bungie's community manager DeeJ in the first of two updates promised this week. "You’ve voiced your objections. We agree wholeheartedly. Now, our attention is focused on creating solutions."

Acknowledging that their E3 "conversations didn't do justice to our plans to honor [Destiny fans'] legacy," creative director Luke Smith made a long, heartfelt and - at least to my eyes - very genuine apology. 

Here's his statement in full:

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