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Reviewed: 6.5/10: Alright
( ps4 version reviewed )

Updated 01-22-2015
Xbox One
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I have a stable of around 30 people I raid with in Destiny regularly, but yesterday I picked the five I play with the most and set a scheduled time for the brand new Crota's End Hard Mode. Everyone showed up, and ten minutes after launch, the switch was flipped. We were in. Not knowing what to expect we all arrived with maxed-out weapons and a variety of Exotic armor pieces, and used our Warlocks just in case we needed the self-resurrection ability a few times (you can't resurrect in Hard Mode normally).

We breezed through the initial totem section on our first try. Same with the second bridge area. Then the Thrallway chest. Then Ir Yut. Nothing has really changed outside of the addition of a few yellow health bars for certain enemies, and a slight level increase. Our group consisted of fairly skilled players but we weren't going for the world record or anything, and we absolutely blew 75% of Hard Mode away in roughly 15 minutes.

Our disappointment sums up Destiny in general.

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