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Updated 10-16-2014
Xbox One
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Super Smash Bros. 3DS is selling as well as you would expect. According to NPD data, 705,000 units in its first two days in the United States, good for fourth best-selling in September. This is close to Pokemon X/Y's one million in one day in the US last year.

According to Nintendo, over 135,000 of those sales were digital. 3DS sales went up 50%, too, with 140,000 in September. Wii U sales were up nearly 50% in September as well. 

On the other side of things people keep talking about, Sony's alignment with Destiny seems to be working out. Destiny broke PlayStation Store records for day one and week one sales. According to Activision, it has sold most on PlayStation 4 and is currently the most played, by hours, PS4 game (five times more hours played than the unnamed second place game, probably Knack, right?). 

PlayStation Plus subscriptions also doubled from the week prior to Destiny's launch. Mine just lapsed, which is sad, because I want to play Pix the Cat. PS4 hardware sales also had "its biggest month in 2014," which would be fairly impressive what with how well it's continued to sell already (and how blah Destiny is). 

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