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Reviewed: 6.5/10: Alright
( ps4 version reviewed )

Updated 11-26-2014
Xbox One
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"Boom, daddy's home."

"Call me when you level up, bro"

"This is like a-Sasquatch-and-a-unicorn-had-a-baby exotic."

Please stick to over serious trailers. I've made a point to ignore Destiny because I know it ain't my jam, but I broke that silence a few months back when they cut a cringe-worthy live action trailer. And now I find myself writing about Destiny again not out of interest, but confusion at its marketing. 

I get wanting to be "fun," but it works better when you actually know how to be fun and don't need the air quotes. This is not how real people are, but how a 53-year-old executive thinks his kids are because he hasn't actually seen them in five years and has done too much cocaine. This is 15 years too late radittude. Hire some human writers for your future marketing endeavors. 

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