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Dead Island
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It's 'ridiculous' to call Dead Island trailers misleading

Deep Silver defends CGI videos from critics
Jan 29
When Dead Island first got our attention, it did so with a bang. The infamous CGI video presented the game's zombie apocalypse as something tragic, personal, and deeply affecting, a far cry from the reality of a game that's m...

Dead Island's new DLC trailer goes forwards not backwards

Jan 26
Anyone who was looking forward to Dead Island for a narrative that focuses on the emotional side of the zombie apocalypse probably walked away from Techland's latest effort at least somewhat unfulfilled. But if blu...

'Ryder White' add-on next for Dead Island

Jan 16
Assuming you haven't grown tired of dismembering the undead, Dead Island would like to ask you back for another visit to Banoi. The game's "Ryder White" downloadable content is scheduled for January 31 on PlayStation Network ...

Shock: Dead Island banned in Germany at last

Nov 29
In news that will surprise only people who have never heard of Germany before, it has come to light that Dead Island's been banned ... in Germany!  Deep Silver is not surprised, gamers are not surprised, and I doubt the ...

Bathe in blood with Dead Island's new DLC

Nov 14
The new DLC for Dead Island, Bloodbath Arena, will be out November 22 and will feature four arenas to play alone or in four player co-op. Waves of zombies will throw themselves at you and your friends to kill for XP, items an...

New console patch for Dead Island bumps the level cap

Nov 09
Techland has issued a patch for the console versions of Dead Island which should be live by the time you read this post. If it's a level cap, someone's inevitably going to want it raised; players can now progress up to level ...

Dead Island PC patch arrives, still no Bloodbath DLC

Oct 12
A new patch has arrived to fix a number of outstanding issues with Dead Island on PC, including corrupted save files. The long-awaited "Bloodbath" DLC is still unavailable, due to Techland working on all these fixes. Oh, Tech...

Dead Island 'Bloodbath Arena' DLC aiming for mid-November

Oct 10
Those waiting on Dead Island's first downloadable content, "Bloodbath Arena," can continue sitting patiently while the elevator music drifts onward indefinitely. The add-on is now looking at a mid-November release, according ...

Dead Island movie is a go, Lionsgate acquires rights

Sep 27
That badass trailer worked! Movie get. Lionsgate announced today that it has acquired the film rights Dead Island, and that they've begun working on a movie.  Sean Daniel ("The Mummy") will produce the zombie flick, says...

Live show: Bikini zombies on Mash Tactics

Sep 19
[Not sure what Mash Tactics is? I've included a clip from the most recent episode to show you just a glimpse of what you've been missing, you daft fool! You can see all of Destructoid's previously-aired live shows in our...

Techland's priority is fixing Dead Island first, then DLC

Sep 15
With a rough launch and issues still needing to be addressed on multiple platforms, it might be a while before we get to play add-on content for Dead Island. "Right now the Dead Island development team's priority is working ...

Dead Island ships over 1 million units in North America

Sep 15
Despite some early hiccups, Techland's Dead Island seems to be a pleasant surprise for a great deal of people. Publisher Deep Silver is reporting that in just one week of sale, they have shipped more than one million copies o...

You are already Dead Island

Sep 12
Tired of using electrified katanas, burning axes and exploding knives to execute the zombies of Dead Island? You might want to try this PC mod, as it allows you to finish off the horde using the mystical art of Hokotu Shinke...

Dead Island's 'Bloodbath' survival mode detailed

Sep 09
Some more details about Dead Island's upcoming "Bloodbath" downloadable content have surfaced, revealing that the package will contain four survival maps, which do exactly what you think they do -- pit you against an endless ...

Bitmob/Destructoid to live stream 20 hours of Dead Island

Sep 09
I can't stay up past 10:30 PM anymore because I'm old, but I know a few people who can. Destructoid is teaming with Bitmob to play Deep Silver's cooperative zombie-massacre title Dead Island for -- wait for it -- 20 hours str...

Dead Island code reveals 'Feminist Whore' skill

Sep 08
It's amazing that, after so many years, developers still haven't learned a universal truth about PC games -- if you put something in your code, people will find it. So it is that a Steam user was poking around in Dead Island'...

The real Dead Island experience revealed

Sep 07
As gaming enthusiasts, we'll never forget that initial reveal trailer for Dead Island. Gripping, emotional, and beautifully crafted, it was a haunting promo that put Techland's first-person role-playing game on almost everyo...

Dead Island's character animation is terrifying

Sep 07
Dead Island is a pretty scary game at times, but it turns out that the real horror isn't the undead ... it's the living! Using the accidentally released "dev kit" version of the game, a player went into third-person mode to ...

Deep Silver offering 'make up' plan for Dead Island PC

Sep 07
It's not quite so bad as this year's PSN outage, but Deep Silver has issued an apology for the myriad issues surrounding Dead Island on PC, and is planning to offer something by way of apology. Those affected by the launch da...

Dead Island Map App is a Dead Island map ... as an app

Sep 06
Do you hate pushing a single button on your controller to bring up a convenient in-game map? Do you instead wish that you could pull out your iPhone and boot up an app every time you wanted to look at it? Well now you can! Th...

PC release of Dead Island is console dev port? (Update)

Sep 06
[Update: Techland is claiming that the full retail version of the game is going up on Steam today (thanks, Aurvant). Only those who downloaded the game early have gotten the dev version, which one can assume will be overwritt...

Here's the list of fixes in Dead Island's day-one patch!

Sep 05
As you might have already read in our Dead Island review, Techland's tropical zombie-slicer is a little on the broken side. It's got a wonderful heart, but it's riddled with problems and is in need of fixing. When the game la...

Review: Dead Island

Sep 05
With its debut trailer, Techland set itself the impossible goal of living up to self-generated hype on a massive scale. The video, which showed a family beset by zombies while a hauntingly beautiful refrain played, led one to...

Get Dead Island a few days early if you're lucky

Sep 04
While Dead Island is officially set to hit shelves this coming Tuesday, a few naughty retailers have started selling the game early.  Reader Spencer writes to us with photographic evidence of his purchase of Techland's z...

Read this Dead Island comic book in your browser now

Sep 01
You'll have to wait a week before you explore the zombie-infested tropical paradise of Dead Island. But get a head start on the tale of a zombie virus that completely and totally messes s**t up by reading prequel comic book&h...

Dead Island's almost here, have a launch trailer

Aug 31
Deep Silver has released a launch trailer for Dead Island, which is out next week. Featuring a souped up version of the now-famous announcement trailer music, it's a particularly pretty little video, and it's gotten me super...

Tara Long interviews Doug Macleod about Dead Island

Aug 27
Tara was at the Dead Island booth to check out the game and pull aside Doug Macleod of Deep Silver for an interview. She was able to get some interesting info about the game, except for the deodorant bomb. That sounds awesom...

Here's three tracks from the Dead Island soundtrack

Aug 14
Three songs from the soundtrack of the highly anticipated Zombie-survival game Dead Island were recently spotted. The tracks include Main Theme, Zombie Rising and Surrounded by Zombies. They all sound epic and ambient, setting up the mood very nicely for the rest of the game.

One hour (and more) on Techland's Dead Island

Aug 12
Save your now-tired complaints about the over-saturation of undead flesh eaters in videogames: Dead Island is definitely a game to keep an eye on. I've come to this conclusion after exploring a one-hour timed Xbox 360 preview...

Dead Island screens show playable character Purna

Aug 10
Here's a modest sampling of Dead Island screens for your viewing enjoyment. They show off Purna, one of the game's playable characters. She has a really big knife, and that's literally all I know about her.  The game is due out early September, and I'm pretty excited for it. Who among you are planning to pick it up?

Dead Island gets a co-op trailer

Aug 09
Stabbing a zombie in the face with a knife that explodes is fun, but it's a lot more fun when there are three other people stabbing zombies with knives that explode. This new trailer focuses on the co-op aspect of Dead Islan...

New Dead Island screens have zombies in them

Aug 01
Here are some new screens for Deep Silver's Dead Island, and they're jam-packed with an unreasonable amount of zombies.  Given how tough just a couple of the undead can be in Dead Island, the prospect of fighting in some...

Dead Island getting a novel, because why not?

Jul 27
Another game, another prequel novel. The unlikely candidate this time is Deep Silver's Dead Island, with a book penned by British fantasy author Mark Morris. Seriously? Yeah, seriously. "For guests of the five-star Royal Palm...

Dead Island infects PlayStation Home

Jul 26
In what may be the most exciting PlayStation Home related news in living memory (topping even the announcement of Home itself), Dead Island publisher Deep Silver has announced that the upcoming zombie-survival/First person me...

Dead Island available for pre-purchase on Steam

Jul 20
Zombie fans eager to get their paws on Techland's Dead Island can now pre-purchase the game on Steam. Dead Island has certainly gotten a lot of people's attention since that trailer and it's looking like it might be one ...

Deep Silver addresses 'misleading' Dead Island CGI video

Jul 19
Dead Island grabbed everybody's attention with one of the most compelling CGI trailers a videogame has ever had. This was later followed with news that the game itself would not be an emotional roller-coaster of zombified chi...

ESRB: Dead Island has head stomps, bikinis, bloody torsos

Jul 18
The ESRB has rated Deep Silver's highly anticipated Dead Island, revealing all the juicy filth that it'll be pandering when it launches on September 6. Mutilated limbs, swearing, and disturbing bikini activity are all in ...

SDCC: Dead Island pub hosting 'Science of Zombies' panel

Jul 13
What if zombies were real? You know, like, eat your face off, "oh, snap, we have to break this staircase so they can't get to us" real? Science, as usual, has the answer. You can learn more about the science behind the undead...

Pre-order Dead Island on Amazon for digital art book

Jul 11
If you don't fancy getting your hands on Dead Island's "Blood Bath" DLC, or you just hate GameStop, then you can pre-order the game at Amazon for a different bonus -- a digital art book.  You can check out two sample ima...

Dead Island NOT banned in Australia

Jun 30
When a violent videogame actually gets a rating in Australia, it's newsworthy. That's pretty sad. What isn't sad, however, is that Dead Island managed to pull off this feat, allowing Australian gamers to join the rest of the ...

Interview: Dead Island, it's the holiday from hell

Jun 15
One meeting room that was constantly packed this E3 was one belonging to Deep Silver, publishers of Dead Island, the zombie-infested survival game that took the Internet by storm following the launch of its CG...

E3: Dead Island doesn't look like a place I want to visit

Jun 08
As if the name "Dead Island" weren't enough to make tourists steer clear of the place, well, just look at some of the shenanigans that are going down in the tropical "resort," courtesy of the new E3 screenshots and concept ar...

Dead Island pre-order edition comes with 'Bloodbath' DLC

Jun 03
Dead Island is getting a special pre-order edition, Deep Silver has announced today. Folks who pre-order the game (or likely buy the first batch to hit shelves) at GameStop will get the "Bloodbath Arena" DLC for free. Normall...

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