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The latest update to DayZ, a game about surviving the zombie apocalypse, is sans zombies. Rather, developer Bohemia Interactive opted to focus on adding animals to this new version of the game -- some that may prove to be even more deadly than the undead.

Wolves are being added to DayZ as part of the predators update. They're sort of like zombies, but smarter, more agile, and they roam in packs. But cuter. There's some give and take.

To even the odds (kind of), bikes are also introduced. I'm no Lance Legstrong, but I don't think I could pedal away from an angry, hungry wolf.

By the way, alternate takes on that headline from the staff chat are: "The newest DayZ update is more The Grey than The Walking Dead," "The newest Day Z update is more Teen Wolf than The Walking Dead," and "The newest DayZ update is more AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO than URRRGHHGHGHG."

Status Report - 10 Dec 2015 [DayZ]

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