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Darkest Dungeon
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Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon is bringing its madness-inducing dungeon crawling to PlayStation 4 and Vita in spring 2016. Those carrion eaters and shamblers are really going to pop on your TV!

Speaking of: the PS4 port will be playable at PlayStation Experience next month in San Francisco, if you're going. I am not. Steven and Kyle and Zack are. They better hug and take pictures.

As for the Steam version of Darkest Dungeon, that's still coming along in Early Access with a full release planned for January 19, 2016. I dig the general premise and art direction, but I'm holding off in the hope that some of the harsher mechanics will be made less frustrating.

Darkest Dungeon Coming to PS4, PS Vita Next Year [PlayStation Blog]

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