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Dark Souls II
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Dark Souls II

Earlier today at 1PM Eastern the Steam Winter sale ended, so if you saved up all your Christmas money and didn't find anything interesting, here are some noteworthy New Year deals we've rounded up. (So you can spend your money. See how helpful we are?)

There are a few scattered deals on the net that are warranting a gander: Fallout 4 on PC, for instance, is still 34% off at GMG - the best price we've spotted for in recent months for the Steam copy of the game.

On the console gaming side of deals there are also a few gems. At GameStop, they're selling the Dark Souls II Warrior Knight figurine for only $20 (aka the Dark Souls II Collector's Edition). Previously retailing at $120, it looks like GameStop overstocked Xbox 360 versions because they're pricing these to move. The deal is online only.

In similar vein, the South Park: Stick of Truth Grand Wizard Edition for the 360 and PS3 are also on sale at $27.97. This collector's edition comes with a Grand Wizard Cartman figure, which is pretty neat chunk of plastic in exchange for your hard earn Christmas dollars. Since this is over $24.99, you can use coupon SAVER to get free shipping.

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