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Dark Souls
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Dark Souls

Well this is embarrassing. Twitch Plays Dark Souls is officially now doing better in the game than I ever have. They’ve beaten what is considered by some to be the game’s most difficult boss: Ornstein & Smough.

At first, it looked like this was going to be another failed “Twitch Plays” hoping to cash in on the success of Twitch Plays Pokémon, with the character being stuck in the first area of the game for over three days. After some necessary changes to the game, such as bringing in a voting system and making the combat turn-based, it's really picking up speed.

You can watch an edited version of the fight up top. It edits out the pauses taken to allow players to make their decisions, but it unfortunately means the sound is a bit stuttery.

Some have fairly criticised Twitch Plays Dark Souls due to the turn-based nature fundamentally changing the game. However, considering how dickish a Twitch chat can be, beating the toughest boss in the game is still really impressive.

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