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Dark Souls
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Dark Souls

When Twitch Plays Dark Souls managed to get to the first boss of the game, there was quite the commotion. Sadly, it seems as if they just couldn't manage it amidst all the chaos, and thus, they decided to cheat.

How did they cheat, exactly?

Well, a pause feature was modded into the build they are using -- which is important, as the Souls series naturally thrives on the inability to pause. This allows players to queue up actions in an orderly manner (roughly 30 seconds for each action), then execute them after the game has caught up. It made it possible to defeat a few bosses (they cleared the Gargoyles today), but it's also insanely boring to watch. Give it a go for a few minutes and see if you can bear it.

Then again, I've never really been into the "Twitch Plays" scene. Even with the first showing of Pokemon, they always seem to be coming up with some new method of changing up the concept, and the memes are pretty much all the same (some variation of praying to a "based god" that allows them to do a basic action).

Are you digging Twitch Plays Dark Souls, despite this cheat? Or are you done with the fad at this point?

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