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Dark Souls  

Reviewed: 7/10: Good
( ps3 version reviewed )

Updated 12-15-2014
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Dark Souls

The long-time-coming update that replaces Games for Windows Live with Steamworks in Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition for PC is out today. Full instructions on how to transfer your achievements and save data are over here, but here's the gist if you bought the game on Steam:

  1. Launch the game and connect to Games for Windows Live.
  2. Run the game (only the currently signed-on user’s progress can be transferred to Steam).
  3. Close Games for Windows Live
  4. Right click on your game in the Steam Library, go into Properties, check that the BETA tab is set to “dsptde-2.0-“
  5. Launch Dark Souls™ Prepare To Die Edition v2.0 from Steam
  6. Sign in using the same live profile used in step-2 to import your Save Data and Achievements from the Games for Windows Live version to the Steam version for the same profile (gamertag)
  7. The game will look for previous Save Data and Achievements. If they are detected on your computer, you should be able to continue your progress in the game and achievements should be unlocked in Steam.

The process took me a few minutes including the time it took to download a couple necessary updates. Be sure to transfer your data by February 16, which is when Steamworks becomes the default for Dark Souls. There are no guarantees transferring will work after that point.

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