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Dark Souls
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Dark Souls is getting its own comic series

Nobody dies in comics though?
Jan 20
In the past, I’ve said that Dark Souls is my least favourite game of all time. However, it finally clicked for me last week and having now finished the first game I can say that while it certainly has its fair share of ...

Twitch Plays Dark Souls has beaten Ornstein & Smough

Seems like they actually did git gud
Sep 14
Well this is embarrassing. Twitch Plays Dark Souls is officially now doing better in the game than I ever have. They’ve beaten what is considered by some to be the game’s most difficult boss: Ornstein & Smoug...

What's your take on Twitch Plays Dark Souls, and its shift to cheating?

It still has the modded pause feature
Aug 27
When Twitch Plays Dark Souls managed to get to the first boss of the game, there was quite the commotion. Sadly, it seems as if they just couldn't manage it amidst all the chaos, and thus, they decided to cheat. How did they ...

Twitch Plays Dark Souls managed to defeat the second boss

Taurus Demon is toast
Aug 26
Twitch Plays Dark Souls had been a bit of a shambles right from the get go. Players spent days and days stuck in the very first section of the game, at which point the creator of the stream changed the rules and made the ent...

It only took 112 tries to beat Dark Souls' hardest boss with voice commands

The power of language
Aug 10
Please save your hardest boss arguments for someone else, as Dark Souls isn't even hard anyways, as I have deftly proven a second time. To enough folks, Ornstein and Smough are pegged as toughest. The duo, "was responsible f...

Dark Souls franchise sells 8M copies

Just think of all those deaths
Jul 01
The Dark Souls franchise has sold over eight million copies worldwide, with more than 3.25 million copies sold on PC alone. Famitsu - reporting from a From Software presentation - confirmed the original Dark Souls game s...

Play Dark Souls like a boss...literally

Get your own back with this new mod
Jul 01
Dark Souls modder White Lord of DaTeHaCKs has created a mod that'll put you squarely in the shoes/hooves/claws/whatever of your favourite worst nightmare. The Darks Souls Boss Arena Mod "enhances the Debug Mode opt...

What is your favorite Souls series boss?

It's hard to pick just one
Apr 07
Yesterday, we talked about From Software Director Hidetaka Miyazaki's favorite boss fight from the Souls series. Interestingly enough it was the Old Monk from Demon's Souls, an encounter that blurred the l...

Guy beats Dark Souls with DK Bongos

You're a shining star
Mar 23
That was a scary couple of minutes there while I dug through storage to confirm that, yes, my DK Bongos and copy of Donkey Konga have not vanished in recent years. My drum-whacking abilities have since dried up, though. Big ...

Dark Souls PC multiplayer no longer region locked

Phantom menace
Jan 20
Region-free Dark Souls multiplayer, just the way we like it. From Software has issued an update on Steam that allows players to summon and invade one another regardless of where they live. While these cross-country connection...

You defeated Games for Windows Live, Dark Souls Steam migration update out now

You can keep your save data and achievements
Dec 15
The long-time-coming update that replaces Games for Windows Live with Steamworks in Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition for PC is out today. Full instructions on how to transfer your achievements and save data are over here, b...

Dark Souls will shed Games for Windows Live next month

And I'll shed a tear of joy
Oct 20
There were enough worthwhile PC games tied to Games for Windows Live that I was willing to put up with service, which seemed to range from mildly annoying to downright frustrating, depending on the day. For many of us, Dark S...

Namco 'seeking avenues' to continue supporting Dark Souls on PC

It's the usual Games for Windows Live for the time being
May 19
Bandai Namco has provided an update on the future of Dark Souls PC, which uses Games for Windows Live -- a service that's believed to be shutting down in July -- for its online play. First, the game "will remain fully functio...

How many times have you died in Dark Souls?

All you need is an accessible save file
Mar 10
While we do our best to kill time on this final day before the console release of Dark Souls II, here's a fun little distraction: a website that tells you how many times you've died in Dark Souls. At the time of writing, this...

The definitive Dark Souls trailer is fan-made

'Prepare to Cry: Dark Souls' short film
Aug 12
The story of Dark Souls can be glossed over if you aren't actively seeking it out. And even then, there's a lot of effort required on the part of players -- a lot of piecing together of seemingly disparate in-game text snipp...

Sony executive loves Demon's Souls and wants to see more

Yes, please!
Jun 14
Sony "dropped the ball" with Demon's Souls, SCE Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida confessed to Polygon. After co-developing the acclaimed PlayStation 3 title with From Software, Sony declined to publish the game in w...

Super Best Guide! Dark Souls

Learn to be best at videogames forever!
Apr 29
Another game they claim is hard, another game smashed by gaming pimp sorcerer Jim Sterling. Using just a few simple tricks and the power of intimidation, learn how to become a master Dark Souls player in this handy video!

Dark Souls sold more than two million copies

Also, Dark Souls II for Xbox 360 will come to Japan
Apr 12
At a recent conference in Japan, Eiichi Nakajima, From Software's Executive Director, announced sales figures for Dark Souls. Across all platforms, the notoriously merciless game sold 2,367,000 copies. According to Nakajima, ...

Dark Souls director tells the truth about the pendant

After much speculation, we finally have an answer
Nov 02
Did you pick the pendant as a starting gift in Dark Souls under the impression that it would, at some unknown later point, have either an impact on the story or a hidden gameplay use? I did on my first playthrough. Considerin...

Dark Souls: Artorias of the Abyss is out now for consoles

Kalameet is a jerkface
Oct 23
If you were looking to grab the Artorias of the Abyss content for Dark Souls without having to rebuy the Prepare to Die Edition of the game, that option is now available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 players. It's downloadab...

Dark Souls: Artorias of the Abyss dated for consoles

Sep 24
Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Editon, which launched on PC this August, had with it bonus content not available on consoles called Artorias of the Abyss which contained new items, bosses, and areas among other things. As most wh...

Namco: Dark Souls 'easy mode' quote was a mistranslation

Corrected quote isn't much better
Sep 07
Metro's interview with Dark Souls director Hidetaka Miyazaki resulted in a fascinating, surprisingly well-thought-out discussion about difficulty in games. The quote everyone fixated on -- "I am thinking about whether I shoul...

Dark Souls director contemplating doing a new difficulty

Wants his games to be 'satisfying,' not 'difficult'
Sep 03
Speaking to Metro, Dark Souls director Hidetaka Miyazaki said the reception to the game "was really a huge surprise" and that he "did not expect the success at all." For better or worse, From Software doesn't hold your hand; ...

More details and a trailer for Dark Souls DLC

Jun 01
Yesterday, the word was out that Namco Bandai would be releasing a DLC expansion for Dark Souls entitled, "Artorias of the Abyss," arriving on consoles this winter. Today, a new trailer for the content has been released...

Dark Souls is getting Steam support and console DLC

May 31
Remember when Dark Souls was announced exclusively with Games for Windows Live support, and everyone went crazy? Well, as expected, there's good news for those passionate fans, as Namco Bandai has just confirmed the Steam rel...

Dark Souls sells 1.19 million copies across NA and Europe

May 08
It turns out that quite a lot of you were willing to give Dark Souls a chance. Far more than I would've imagined, that's for certain. According to Namco Bandai, From Software's challenging action-RPG has sold 1.19 million uni...

Dark Souls PC uses GFWL, gamers mobilize to stop it

Apr 11
The above header image is what gamers' hopes and dreams likely saw when news emerged that Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition would be using Games For Windows Live, known throughout the land as a load of shit. If you feel mise...

Praise the Sun! Dark Souls PC seemingly confirmed

Apr 09
Nice work, gamers. It seems Dark Souls will be getting a PC version, as revealed by German magazine PC Action. Don't let anyone tell you that rallying together on the Internet for a shared cause is a waste of time. While we h...

Dark Souls news coming, PC port expected

Mar 21
A tantalizing new Dark Souls announcement is being teased, and the giddy mistresses of the Internet all in a dither. According to the game's official Facebook page, some news is on the way, and you can speed up the process.&n...

Dark Souls strategy guide delivered straight to your PS3

Feb 25
I've still not played Dark Souls yet, the main reason being that I haven't even finished Demon's Souls. I could probably finish the rest in a weekend, but I simply get too exasperated with my own ineptitude that it takes all ...

Dark Souls PC petition boasts over 48,000 signatures

Jan 09
Last week, we brought word of a petition asking Namco Bandai to release Dark Souls on PC. At last count, there were 13,000 signatures. Now, there are over 48,000 and the number keeps climbing. Just two hours ago (at the time ...

That hefty Dark Souls patch has finally left Japan

Nov 22
Earlier this month, we heard about a significant patch for Dark Souls which addressed many minor criticisms as well as a number of important design issues. Well, it's finally ready for us non-Japanese players. Patch 1.05 is l...

Dark Souls trailer advises you to 'prepare to die'

Nov 08
I have to say, just thinking about playing Dark Souls terrifies me. As someone who gets easily frustrated while playing videogames, the idea of Dark Souls' punishing gameplay seems like a recipe for an ulcer. However this ne...

Praise the sun for this new Dark Souls patch

Nov 02
Many of us were pleasantly surprised to hear that 1.5 million copies of Dark Souls have been shipped worldwide. "Praise the sun," indeed. Following this bit of cheerfulness, there's patch 1.04 -- it's coming with some greatly...

Dark Souls ships 1.5 million copies

Nov 02
From Software's Dark Souls seems to be doing pretty well, with Namco Bandai revealing that 1.5 million copies have shipped throughout the world. It's hardly Call of Duty numbers, but it's impressive for what it is! 40,000 of ...

New trailer highlights the enemies of Dark Souls

Oct 25
How has Dark Souls been treating everyone? Last I asked, I was just near the end and have since started up a new game+. Getting revenge on the initial few hours' worth of enemies is immensely satisfying and actually makes up...

Watch someone run through Dark Souls in under 90 minutes

Oct 17
It didn't take long at all for a post-worthy run of Dark Souls to make the rounds. Yeah, you might just want to save this for later (perhaps much later) if you aren't very far into the game yourself. At least for me, the sen...

This Dark Souls trailer reaffirms why it's worth playing

Oct 13
Have you still not picked up Dark Souls? What gives? Go watch that trailer one more time. Go on, I'll be here waiting. Are you back? Good. I know that trailer got you excited; you'd be doing yourself a disservice by not pick...

Live show: Grinding souls on Mash Tactics

Oct 05
[Not sure what Mash Tactics is? I've included a classic highlight to show you just a glimpse of what you've been missing, you daft fool! You can see all of Destructoid's previously aired live shows in our archives.] T...

Review: Dark Souls

Oct 04
First, allow me to begin with a caveat; I have not completed Dark Souls. I have invested over 90 hours of play into the game, exploring the vast majority of its world and facing off against (if not defeating) many of the b...

Dark Souls might have a supply problem

Oct 04
It would appear that Namco Bandai may have been a little too conservative with its sales estimates for Dark Souls (review coming soon!), allegations mount around the Internet of retailers overselling their stock. Best Bu...

Big names behind Dark Souls soundtrack

Sep 29
Demon's Souls featured what was arguably one of the best soundtracks of 2009, and after playing the demo build of Dark Souls at E3 this past June I was pretty certain I was hearing the return of composer Shinsuke Kida with hi...

These things will kill you in Dark Souls

Sep 28
Namco Bandai has released this gorgeous trailer for Dark Souls, focused on some of the baddest enemies the game has to offer. I have faced against some of the beasts seen here as I play the game for review and, while I'm not...

Dark Souls has problematic online launch, fix coming

Sep 23
Dark Souls hit Japan this week, but it was far from a smooth launch. The game's been plagued with freezing issues, the whole thing tending to lock up once players go online. From Software has taken the servers down while it w...

From Software has a surprise for early Dark Souls players

Sep 21
It seems From Software has a treat for those playing Dark Souls ahead of its September 22 release date in Japan: incredibly powerful enemies (even in the context of these games). Yup, they're apparently invading players' worl...

From Software's full Dark Souls prologue

Sep 15
Rounding out the Dark Souls prologue series is the final clip, though for the sake of convenience, Namco Bandai has simply thrown them all together into one video. Enjoy, if you haven't imposed a media blackout on yourself. For everyone else who can't get enough, do check out Allistair's coverage of the first thirty minutes of Dark Souls from Tokyo Game Show.

TGS: The first 30 minutes of Dark Souls

Sep 14
From Software are some real, tough dudes. Not in that they can kick my ass (probably), but in that their game design philosophy and dedication to their craft make other developers look like complete pants-pissing wimps. Th...

Third Dark Souls prologue video brings the dragons

Sep 09
Yep, we're already on part three of the Dark Souls prologue series. Time sure does fly. I told myself I'd stop being the one to post these things, but this one has an army of dragons, and one of them gets its horn blown off by a lighting bolt. There was no turning it down, period. If you've missed out on the prior installments, click here and then here.

Second Dark Souls prologue video is foreboding

Sep 01
The first prologue video for Dark Souls wasn't particularly interesting, but it did serve a point. Now, in part two, we can begin getting into the good stuff. We're shown a bunch of vile fiends who you probably wouldn't want to invite to your birthday party. The dude with the scraggly beard, in particular -- no, just no. It's almost a month until Dark Souls hits retail, guys. We can do this.

Preview: Dark Souls

Aug 31
While many gamers’ attention this fall may be on a certain open-world action-RPG -- which is awesome according to Jim Sterling because it has "f*cking dragons" in it -- I myself can't be more excited for From Softw...

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