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Updated 11-04-2014
Xbox One
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Hey, you! Yeah, the person that owns an Xbox One and is staring confusedly at the guy yelling at them over the Internet! I'm talkin' to you! D4's on sale for Xbox Live Gold members, so you should probably go pick that up right now.

It seems as if a NeoGAF user sniffed out the weekly Deals with Gold quicker than Xbox could announce them, and Swery65's D4 is a standout title at $9.99 -- discounted $5 from the usual $14.99. Surprisingly, the action scenes are actually better with Kinect, but it's also great with a controller. Controller preference aside, it's worth it for the story, detective work, and general weirdness.

Why am I advocating so hard for D4? Because if the year ended right now, it'd be my third favorite game -- right behind Valiant Hearts and P.T. Also, rumor has it that it hasn't sold too well, so boosting those figures would be a good way to ensure that Microsoft doesn't axe the production before the next episodes come out.

The other games that look to be on the Deals with Gold list are Thief and Murdered: Soul Suspect -- both on current and legacy consoles. Thief is $20.00 on Xbox One and $17.99 on Xbox 360, both versions down from $39.99; Murdered is $25.00 discounted from $50.00 on Xbox One, and $17.99 down from $39.99 on Xbox 360. There will likely be more on sale when the official announcement comes, but these offerings are a fine start.

D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die 33% Off Deals W/ Gold [NeoGAF]

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