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Updated 03-09-2015
Xbox One
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We'd seen the tweets hinting at it before, but over this past weekend at PAX East, Dark Dreams Don't Die on PC became a reality, at least for a few days. Swery, creator of Deadly Premonition and Dark Dreams Don't Die (D4) came equipped with a build of the game running on a Windows-based PC, though he would not confirm that the game would ever see full release on that platform. I'm guessing that's some that he still has to work out with Microsoft.

While I see why the publisher may be reluctant to let one of the Kinect's killer apps migrate over to computers, I don't think it has anything to lose from the move at this point. Kinect has done as well as it's ever going to do. It had a good run, at least in terms of profits. Time to unchain the kids from the shackles beset them by a relatively small install base and the stigma of motion controls and let them fly through the endless skies of personal computing.

This whole conversation started when I asked Swery who won PAX East this year. I figured he'd say "playing D4 on a PC wins everything," but he didn't. As it turns out, he's too humble and food-loving for that. Regardless of where this man's games turn up next, I'll be sure to do whatever it takes to play them.

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