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Crystal Catacombs  

Updated 01-14-2015
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Crystal Catacombs

After nearly three years in development, Levels or Lives' retro-inspired roguelike pixel art platformer Crystal Catacombs is almost ready to make its debut on Steam.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter in July of 2012,  Maxwell Jensen's title is described by its creator as a "'Megavanian' love letter that utilizes Rogue-like procedurally generated levels/enemies/items with a heavy emphasis on classic 2D platforming."

Notable features include five "unique and expansive procedurally generated Crystal Realms, each utilizing different layouts and room designs" as well as "random monsters, treasures, weapons and artifact upgrades" and over "40 different unique enemies and bosses to conquer!"

The handcrafted pixel art and animation on this one caught my eye immediately. While perhaps not at the same level of polish and sophistication of titles like Legend of Dungeon, Level or Lives' take on the roguelike platformer still looks like a charming game in its own right.

Crystal Catacombs launches on Steam tomorrow and will be available for Windows, Mac OS X, and SteamOS + Linux.

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