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Crazy Taxi: City Rush
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Hey, you know what Crazy Taxi needed more of? Hulk Hogan

Not really
Oct 02
Remember when Hulk Hogan was an actor in movies like Suburban Commando -- side note: you must look this up, if you aren't familiar with it -- or the time his family got their own television series on VH1? Forget about all of ...

Crazy Taxi: City Rush releasing this Thursday

Free to play, etc.
Jul 29
Crazy Taxi creator Kenji Kanno has returned to the beloved arcade racing property for a new game, Crazy Taxi: City Rush, which would normally be cause for celebration except this is designed for mobile. Drat. Our dream of new...

Fare warning: The new Crazy Taxi is a free-to-play mobile title

That announcement trailer sure is something
Mar 14
Taking beloved videogame franchises from the late 90's and early 2000's and putting new titles on mobile platforms seems to be all the rage right now. Activision's doing it with Tony Hawk, and now Sega's taking its shot with...

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