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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Yesterday, May 10, Steam hit a new record for highest concurrent players. 9.5 Million People were logged in at midday PST. That’s more than the population of Belarus, and it’s rapidly catching up to that of the United Arab Emirates. That’s a lot of people, but other than one major new entry, the games people are playing is pretty predictable

Dota 2 still reigns supreme with a flurry of abusive players and more stats than I could keep track of. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive comes in a nowhere near close second. Seriously, the amount of people playing Dota 2 almost doubles that of people playing CS:GO. People really, really like Dota 2.

Unfortunately, the third spot is the one that breaks my heart…

The cabal of hot men has been dethroned. Thanks to Grand Theft Auto V, Team Fortress 2 is no longer the third most played game on Steam. I weep for this country, I weep for my children, and I weep for the grim future we are now stepping into as a direct result.

But shit, you people play too many videogames. Who even likes videogames?

Steam Breaks Its Concurrent User Record Again [IGN]

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