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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Updated 02-23-2015
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

On any ordinary day, streamer Kyente would have obliterated his brother at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. But, his birthday is not just any other day -- it's the day that his sibling decided to strike back in the most creative way he could imagine.

Kyente's brother, Trel, recruited CS:GO professional Mitch Green (a/k/a "DUMoRE") to play in his stead while Trel trash talked through the mic. Not only did Green put on an unbelievable showing against Kyente, but he also played like a complete scrub against the other players.

A post-match one-on-one was arranged to settle the score, and Green popped Kyente anytime he stuck his head out of cover. On this birthday, Kyente would have to trade his cake for a slice of humble pie.

Can't Beat Your Brother at Counter-Strike? Hire a Pro. [Kotaku]

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