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Coin Drop
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Coin Drop

Coin Drop is free today for iPhone and iPad! I even reviewed that game, and I loved it at the time. Can't say I play it anymore, but it provided plenty of fun while it lasted for a $1 game -- which is something you can hardly say about every $1 game these days. So go grab it.

While you're here, how do you guys feel about reviews for mobile games that aren't big titles like Infinity Blade or Dead Space? I know a lot of people have Android phones -- which is slowly gaining momentum but still nowhere near iOS as a maturing gaming platform -- and even more of you don't seem to care one bit about mobile games in general, even though it's a platform that is here to stay.

One of the reasons I started doing the Weekend Mobile roundups was to give the people who do like mobile games an easy and central place to keep up with new, smaller games every weekend, while mobile haters can easily ignore it if they don't care. I'm never going to spend over an hour on a review for one of the thousands of awful iPhone games that nobody has even heard of in the first place (I'd rather just not mention those at all), but there's the odd little gem here and there that can be easy to overlook.

[Thanks for the tip Sagatron!]

[Found a free App for iOS or Android? Think it's good? Hit up Jim Sterling or Maurice Tan and let 'em know. Please do so -- finding good free games is hard!]

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